2022-2023 Back to School

On this page, you will find the many resources you will need to support your students back to school this year 2022- 2023.


Class Assignment letters will be mailed around August 22.

Meet the Teacher - August 26, 9am - 10am. In person

First day of school - August 29, Doors open 8:40am. Classes begin 8:50am

Check the school year calendars for the holidays as well as the full day and early dismissal Wednesdays. Generally, if there is a day off during the week, the Wednesday that week is a full day.

FCCPS 2022 -2023 Calendars


Communications from the principal can be found on the Tiger Times page.  There are links to the principal's newsletter The Tiger Times and other emailed updates.  If you are not receiving these emails, please contact Debra Newman, Principal's Secretary at 703.248.5660 or NewmanD@fccps.org

At any time, select the Menu button, and then the Tiger Times button on the right to access the Tiger Times Archives.


If you are new to Oak Street elementary or need additional information about your student's computer and technology use, this section has almost everything you need to get started with your computer.  There are documents, logins, and tutorials for the computer, Google Drive and Schoology. Select the Menu button, and the OS Technology menu is the last item in the list.


FCCPS Parent University provides opportunities throughout the year for parents and guardians to get smarter about school, child development, parenting, education, community

This link will take you to the Parent University of FCCPS

Select the Menu button, and the Parents menu.  Parent University is in this menu at the bottom.