Lost and Found Photo Galleries

Students often forget to check the Lost and Found for their missing items, and adults have limited access to the school.
These photo galleries contain all the contents of the lost and found.

Please contact Alane O'Neill (oneilla@fccps.org) for additional help. More detailed photos can be shared. To have an item returned to your student, please include your student's name and teacher.

NOTE: Items with names on the tags are much easier to return! Please include first AND last name (AND room number on the OUTSIDE of lunch boxes. We all buy them at the same places).

Thanks to Dee our Lost and Found Fairy who keeps everything very organized! She cleans out the lunchboxes, too!

The lost and found is at the bottom of the "office stairs" between the cafeteria and gym.   Stop by the school and look for your items!  Consider volunteering to organize and return items.  All items will be spread out for easy searching at times when many parents are (back!) in the building. 
Items left are donated periodically .

Valuables should as phones, jewelry, keys, glasses, and watches are kept by Ms. Peacock in the office. It might be worth a check there. But the inventory of glasses is available below.

Lost and Found - January 2, 2023 - Winter coats -- we may need these again!

Lost and Found - December 8, 2022 - So many bike helmets and winter coats!
Lost and Found - December 1 - I looked through 2 racks. I saw 3 names. I could read only 1 of them. A clearly written name on the tag is the best!
Lost and Found - October 25, 2022 - Re-arranged and Expanded! Thank you Dee!
Lost and Found - October 10, 2022 -- Hamilton Hoodie? yes, please!
I will work on more detailed pictures soon -- they were added, but not individual pictures of ALL items.
Lost and Found - Glasses!
Lost and Found - October 3, 2022
Some of these items were already moved to auxiliary storage!
Lost and Found - September 6, 2022

Dee, the Lost and Found Fairy

Dee organizes the lost and found